Station 25 Engine Co.

Station 25 has two Engines, each equipped for structural firefighting operations. Engines 251 and 253 are both equipped with saws for ventilation, ground ladders, and, most importantly, hoselines. Each Engine has three crosslays, connected to the pump and packed to ensure the fastest possible deployment at fire scenes. They also have high rise packs, lengths of hose bound and ready to be carried up flights of stairs, in order to make effective use of standpipe systems in multiple floor buildings. 

Probably one of the most unique things about our department is the choice of hoseline. Most departments use 1 and 3/4 inch hose in their crosslays, which works fine. However, Community uses 2 inch hose in our crosslays. The increased hose diameter allows for better water flow, which gives us the ability to more effectively extinguish fires. The added weight of the hoseline means our members have to train continuously in order to ensure our ability with these hoses.