CVFD is one of the few all volunteer departments that has and maintains a dedicated Truck Company. Our members train extensively on truck operations which enables us not only to handle truck responsibilities in our own Fire District, but also makes us a valuable resource to surrounding companies in a mutual aid capacity. 

Ladder 25, past and present

Ladder 25 is a 2014 Spartan Gladiator that was custom built for CVFD. It features a 15 liter 550 horsepower Cummins diesel engine, an extreme duty interior, and, of course, a 100' aerial platform. This truck is also equipped with auto level outriggers with laser spotters, which allow for the operator to ensure maximum stability and safety when setting up the truck. The movement of the ladder itself can be managed from either the base of the ladder, or from a set of controls located in the bucket. In terms of fire suppression ability, the ladder truck has a 5 inch hoseline in a roll out tray, so  a supply line can be established, allowing water to be pumped to the two guns mounted on the bucket. 

Station 25 Truck Co.